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Our Secrets To Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

Our Secrets To Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring Finding a great engagement ring can be a little challenging, especially with so many options t...

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Bracelets Guide

Bracelets are lovely pieces of jewelry that always make a statement since they’re worn on the wrists and seen so easily. In addition to calling ...

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Lab-grown Diamond Guide

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About These Shimmering Gems It’s easy to see why lab-grown diamonds have been growing in popularity in rece...

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All About Fashion Rings

Rings are special pieces of jewelry that can easily enhance one’s beauty by calling attention to the parts of our body we use the most: our hand...

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All Things Necklaces

All Things Necklaces These pieces of jewelry have been popular for both men and women for centuries. They were once meant to represent religion, ...

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Are Mikimoto Pearls Valuable?

Known to be the best cultured pearls money can buy, these Mikimoto pearls ooze an unmatched luster. Moreover, their irresistible charming luminosit...

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Are Hearts on Fire Diamonds Lab Grown? (Quick Facts)

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that grow in a controlled environment inside a laboratory. Although they are not naturally grown diamonds, they are...

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What Is Special About Mikimoto Pearls? (4 Things To Know)

Mikimoto Pearls is a brand name of a jeweler that specializes in creating pearl jewelry from Akoya pearls. The company pioneered cultured pearls in...

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Are Mikimoto Pearls a Good Investment?

Mikimoto pearls, especially the vintage ones, can be a good investment provided they have their original clasp, the original box, and proper paperw...

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How Are Mikimoto Pearls Graded?

Mikimoto pearls grading follows the five criteria in Mikimoto's proprietary system. The AAA, AA, A+, and A grading is stringent. Mikimoto has a cul...

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