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Are Hearts on Fire Diamonds Lab Grown? (Quick Facts)

Are Hearts on Fire Diamonds Lab Grown? (Quick Facts)

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that grow in a controlled environment inside a laboratory. Although they are not naturally grown diamonds, they are as real as the diamonds mined from the earth. They are also recognized and even have certifications from prestigious organizations. 

With the growing popularity of lab-grown diamonds, you might wonder whether prestigious diamond jewelry brands, such as Hearts on Fire, use lab-grown diamonds. 

Hearts on Fire boasts its perfect cut as their trademark for their diamond jewelry. It is an exquisite choice for celebrities, lovers, and clients who want a natural and brilliant diamond for themselves or their loved ones. 

For a non-expert, you may have difficulty determining what kind of diamond this brand uses. 

Read more to know what kind of diamond you buy from Hearts on Fire and what makes these diamonds special. 

What are Hearts on Fire diamonds? 

Hearts on Fire diamonds are known and marketed as "World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond." It is a bold statement, but they back it up with their rigorous process using their in-house formula and new technology. 

Their rigorous process and in-house formula exist to cut their diamonds to perfection while considering symmetry, proportion, and individual shape.

The cut is the most important of the 4Cs (carat, color, clarity, and cut) in a diamond when it comes to sparkle and beauty. With Hearts on Fire's proprietary cut, they consistently produce diamonds that are brighter and sparkle better than other diamonds. Their patented cut enhances the diamond's color and clarity. 

The brand name comes from the eight flawless "hearts," which you can see at the top. Meanwhile, the "fire" comes from the starburst arrangement visible at the bottom of the diamond. Combining these two designs creates the uniqueness of the Hearts on Fire Diamond. 

Are Hearts on Fire genuine or lab-grown diamonds?

Hearts on Fire are natural and genuine diamonds. These crystals undergo a rigorous process and standards to filter and take only the purest and finest rough crystals. Because of this, only 1/10 of 1% of the rough diamond crystals in the world can become a Hearts on Fire Diamond. 

After choosing diamonds, they use vibration-free cutting wheels to cut and polish them, following the ideal proportions and symmetry. They polish these diamonds at 100x magnification, which is ten times what the industry requires. 

What's special about the Hearts on Fire diamonds? 

There are many things to love about Hearts on Fire. If you are wondering what they are, here is what makes the Hearts on Fire diamonds special:

1. They are made from natural crystals

All the diamonds from Hearts on Fire are naturally-mined crystals guaranteed to be conflict-free. They source them ethically and responsibly from Angola, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, Russia, and South Africa. They fully follow and comply with the Kimberley Process. 

The Kimberley Process has extensive requirements for its members to certify that the rough diamonds are conflict-free and to prevent the conflict diamonds from penetrating legitimate trade. 

Thus, Hearts on Fire is a responsible company that values the environment and the countries they source diamonds from. 

2. They have diamond sparkle

The patented cut of Hearts on Fire ensures a precise balance in proportion, symmetry, and polish that returns 98% of the light. They consistently cut their diamonds to achieve the three elements of a sparkle–brilliance, fire, and scintillation. 

Brilliance refers to how well the diamond reflects white light. An incorrect cut of the diamond will make it dim and dull even in perfect lighting. 

Fire refers to how well the diamond displays the colored light. A diamond with a rainbow-like appearance, like Hearts on Fire, is because the proportions from the diamond's top and bottom are correctly balanced. Otherwise, they will have a flat and dull appearance because they cannot reflect colored light properly.

The last element is scintillation, which refers to how well the diamond reflects light during movement. If there is high scintillation, it means the diamond has few spots where there is no sparkle. Additionally, a well-cut diamond, such as Hearts on Fire, has a surface area that produces a visible spark. 

Aside from brilliance, fire, and scintillation, polish is also one factor to consider because it affects the diamond's ability to absorb, refract, and reflect light. The more polished and transparent a diamond is, the more sparkle it will have. That is why Hearts on Fire polishes its diamonds more than the industry standard.

3. They boast AGS ideal ratings

American Gem Social (AGM) consistently gives clarity ratings and ideal ratings on Hearts on Fire diamonds. 

American Gem Society (AGM) is a preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to protecting consumers by helping them know what they are buying. They evaluate each diamond and grade it based on its qualities and components. They also generate a report that includes details from cut quality to the carat weight. 

The clarity ratings range from Flawless (absolutely no inclusions) to Slightly Included (slight characteristics not visible to the naked eye but visible under 10x magnification) on Hearts on Fire diamonds. So, you will not have to worry about seeing a major inclusion in your diamonds. 

On the other hand, an ideal rating is very rare, with only about 3%-5% of diamonds in the world gaining this rating. A rating from AGM is reliable and valid, indicating that a Hearts on Fire diamond has a quality cut. 

4. They are made by the best craftspeople

The Hearts on Fire Diamonds team consists of talented and best craftspeople dedicated to their craft. They have an apprenticeship between 5 to 10 years for master diamond cutters. 

Once they pass through apprenticeship, they can cut a 1+ carat diamond themselves using their rigorous and exacting process that takes four times longer than cutting a generic diamond. 

Hearts on Fire also provide state-of-the-art tools and technology to help craftspeople become more precise and faster in their work. Their newest technology is water-jet technology that cuts diamonds in 15 minutes rather than 4-6 hours with only 1-2% weight loss compared to 3-5% with the diamond saw. 

5. They encourage clients to get insurance

Hearts on Fire values their customers as much as they love their diamonds. While they have a warranty for defective products, they encourage their customers to get insurance for their jewelry. 

They partner with Jewelers Mutual, a leading jewelry insurance company, to encourage their customers to get insurance to protect their jewelry from loss, damage, and theft. 

Jewelers Mutual has been offering jewelry protection for over 100 years, so you can wear your jewelry confidently without apprehension. They usually cost around 1-2% of the jewelry's value per year. 

But that is totally worth it because it has wide coverage compared to other jewel insurance. Their insurance policy includes, but is not limited to, worldwide coverage while traveling, protection against theft, loss, damage, and even disappearance, and repair and replacement. 

If you have other jewelry in mind, do not worry because Hearts on Fire provides you with a Documentation of Purchase. You can give your insurance company a copy of this documentation and keep the original one. Your insurance company might add a rider to your policy and charge you annually. 


Diamonds are precious pieces that can have sentimental and financial value. Before buying one, you must know the brand, diamonds, products, and reviews to understand what you are getting into and what you are buying for. 

In this article, we have examined Hearts on Fire Diamonds. Their prestige brand mines diamond responsibly and pick only the finest crystals for their collection. They deliver their trademark of having a diamond with an impeccable cut. 

If you prefer a genuine sparkling diamond with a good cut, Hearts on Fire is definitely for you. It may come with a hefty price, but it is definitely worth it if you have the budget. 

You can purchase one from their authorized jewelry stores, such as C.D. Peacock, a Chicago-based jewelry company established in 1837. They are a prominent international jeweler that offers fine diamonds, jewelry, and gifts at a fair price. 

Buy your Hearts on Fire Diamonds now! 

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