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Jewelry Repair Services

Whether you wish for your cherished jewelry to return to its first-day glow, find jewelry enhancing treatments, or repair damaged pieces, here are the primary jewelry repair services near you that can get done in no time!


It can be challenging to guess the correct size for a ring, especially if it’s a gift. The good news is that if you want to surprise someone special with a ring, you can always order the medium size and send it back to us for resizing!

If you have a ring that needs to be resized, our in-house jewelers are on hand to help!

Some rings are difficult to downsize, such as titanium rings and rings accented with diamonds. Such jewelry pieces are delicate works of art. In such cases, we can offer you the best alternatives.

Ring resize
Gemstones inspection


Diamonds and gemstones are kept in place with tiny metal prongs and, because of the delicate nature of jewels, prongs can weaken after small collisions or even break with many years of use.

Jewelry is precious and needs maintenance. In fact, our precise equipment can verify any micro issues before they occur. When you have your jewelry inspected regularly, you can keep your jewelry flawless forever.  

Remember, while prongs are easy to repair, the loss of a unique gemstone is irreparable. So let’s prevent that from happening.

Stone replacement

Was your jewelry piece a little neglected? Jewelry pieces with missing stones lose all their original beauty.

If you have jewelry that needs gemstones of matching colors (or gems you’d like to replace with different colors), our gemologists can get colors very close to those you have or help you pick gorgeous replacements.

Stone Replacement


After a long time of daily wear, some metals can seem old and dull. Rhodium plating returns jewelry to its original luster with a metal called rhodium. Rhodium is rare and durable, and it’s used to make other metals brighter.

If your white gold rings have their shine dimmed, bring it back to life with electricity and a new thin layer of rhodium!

Chains and clasps repairs

Metal chains and links can be repaired with accurate leveling and welding work. An experienced artisan makes a nearly invisible repair for some chains, but extra thin chains can be impossible to repair. 

If you have a chain with weak links or a wobbly clasp, avoid wearing it before an inspection. Bracelets, especially, tend to slip from the wrists without our notice, and the loss of such a piece is heartbreaking, so don’t risk it. Let us make it 100% safe to wear again.

The repair of the metal chains includes eliminating imperfections, soldering, and cleaning the product after the work has been done.

Chain and Clasp Repair


Some jewelry pieces are so precious that we have the hardest time leaving them behind, and that’s a wonderful connection! But, with constant wear, unwanted substances make their way into your jewelry, and some can leave a mark.

For that, polishing and dissolving such substances guarantees the quality of your piece remains unchanged. So, let us help your jewelry reach its full shining power!

This is a modest list of how we can take care of your jewelry for you. Our services include pearl restringing, laser welding, engraving, as well as custom design and remodeling, which we show you below.

Our experienced jewelry repair experts take extra special care of your jewelry. With the right kind of care and maintenance those special pieces will last forever. From a simple resizing to a complete restoration, our professional jewelers perform a wide range of repairs with precision. C.D.Peacock can repair broken or chipped diamonds using cutting edge laser devices to leave the cleanest finish possible when soldering fine jewelry. Our jewelers are experts in evaluating your repair needs and providing prompt, efficient service.

Our capabilities include:

  • Clasps
  • Engraving
  • Laser welding
  • Pearl restringing
  • Refinishing
  • Re-tipping prongs or head replacement
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Ring sizing
  • Soldering
  • Stone replacement
  • & more

Jewelry Repair in Chicago

Here at our renowned jewelry store in Chicago, you will find the best jewelry repair service. To bring back your most loved jewelry pieces, come to our store in Chicago and be amazed by the quality of our work.

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