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Education on Diamonds

Choose C.D.Peacock When Choosing A Diamond

The basic rules of diamond shopping: The 4c’s – Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity

Our position as an important international jeweler enables us to have access to the finest diamonds the world has to offer at the best values available. At C.D.Peacock, you are always assured of the fairest price and the finest value in a quality diamond. Our diamonds are graded against the strictest standards in the industry. We are committed to giving every customer an honest value every day.


A diamond’s ultimate brilliance, sparkle, and value comes from its exact and precisely-proportioned cut. Every diamond at C.D.Peacock has this precise symmetry. Each C.D.Peacock diamond is cut by a master cutter, using time-tested proportions to produce the brilliance and fire that ensure its value. In fact, our standards for cut allow us to accept only a small portion of all available diamonds. A C.D.Peacock diamond is a brilliant choice.

  • C.D.Peacock diamonds are cut so that light entering the diamond, shown here by arrows, is reflected by the facets back through the top of the diamond to the human eye. This maximizes the diamond's brilliant sparkle and fiery spectrum of color.

  • Too Deep: Cut to add carat weight, some diamonds are cut too deep, allowing light to pass through the bottom facets. This results in a dark, lifeless stone.

  • Too Shallow: Cut to look larger, this type of the stone also loses light through the bottom facets, making it appear glassy and dark

Carat Weight

A large diamond is not necessarily a better or more valuable diamond. Unless a large diamond meets our high standards for cut, color, and clarity equally, it is not considered exceptional enough to be called a C.D.Peacock diamond.

In order to accurately compare sizes, remember that a single carat equals 100 points. A half-carat is 50 points, or .50 carats. This exact carat weight is clearly marked with each of our diamonds.


Diamonds usually appear to be colorless, but most are actually tinged with yellow. To help determine the differences, we use the scale created by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which shows colorless diamonds starting at “D” (see below). A C.D.Peacock diamond provides assurance that the diamond you select is accurately and honestly assessed for its color grade.


Almost all diamonds contain natural marks called “inclusions”. Under magnification our experienced gemologists examine every stone to ensure that it meets our high standards. We use the GIA’s clarity grading, as explained below. C.D.Peacock’s selection does not include any diamonds graded below SI2.

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