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Watch Repair / Watch Services

From battery replacements to precision Swiss watch repair, you can trust CD Peacock with your fine timepiece.

Our on-premises authorized watch service centers are led by a certified watchmaker with 30 years of service, Gabe Ehimen.  Gabe services fine luxury watches using genuine parts and state-of-the art Swiss equipment. He is CW21 Certified, and is Rolex, Patek, Cartier and Panerai trained to name a few.

His staff of highly skilled Swiss-trained watchmakers are certified for most major luxury brands and also accept vintage and antique Rolex timepieces for repair.

*For expert assistance about watch repairs or to request an estimate, click here to contact the watch repair shop closest to you.

Services offered:

  • A full service of Swiss Watches, most especially Rolex watches
  • Case and Bracelet refinishing/polishing
  • Case and bracelet repair as applicable
  • Watch rate/time regulation
  • Watch battery replacement
  • Water-resistant test
  • Acrylic crystal polish
  • Complementary seven-step check of your watch

Top Brands Repaired:

  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Tudor
  • Chanel
  • Panerai
  • Cartier
  • TAG Heuer
  • Mont Blanc
  • IWC Schaffhausen

Like any complex engine, timepieces need regular maintenance to always perform like new. However, even when the repair requires dissembling timepieces, they’re such an excellent investment that you should always consider a repair.  With the right repair service for your luxury watch, you can delight in a growing watch collection with watches for every occasion!


Your watch and magnetic fields don’t agree well. And we’re constantly exposed to magnetic fields generated by our cellphones, locks, electronic devices, airports, etc.

With time, magnetic fields can affect your watch’s accuracy and rhythm. Your timepiece should always be on time, so if it’s running slowly or too fast, have it demagnetized.

Battery replacement

Battery replacement

A regular battery can last between eighteen months to two years of normal use. If your battery-operated watch shows delays, the battery may be failing.

Changing the battery involves opening your timepiece. If you want to preserve the waterproof seal, it’s essential to have the battery replaced by an expert. 


Watches are designed with your comfort in mind, so come to us to tailor your wristwatches to fit you like a glove!

Get link adjustments to various watch designers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, and Panerai, for example.

We provide alternatives if the pin has come loose, so your timepiece will feel as if it were made for your wrist!

Crystal display replacement

Crystal display replacement

Most watch lovers wear them often and, no matter how careful we are, small scratches happen. If a wristwatch gets in contact with a hard surface, it might lose its flawless outline.

We offer alternatives such as light polishing services and authorized crystal replacement. For both scenarios, you’ll have genuine parts and a meticulous repair.

Watch Repair in Chicago

Watch repair in Chicago. Here in our renowned store, you will find a team capable of performing the repair of your watch. Come visit us and find the best watch repair in Chicago.

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