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The Diamond… King of All Birthstones

The Diamond… King of All Birthstones

Arguably the most popular gemstone on earth, the diamond is recognized as the birthstone for the month of April.  Although it is uncertain how various stones became connected with specific months, some speculate it dates back to biblical times when priest’s breastplates were adorned with assorted gems.  As time passed, the gems became associated with the zodiac and the months connected to it, thus starting a tradition of wearing a different stone each month, as sort of a good luck charm.

If you or a loved one was lucky enough to be born in the month of April, you have bragging rights to the diamond being your birthstone.  Adopted from the Greek work “adamas”, meaning invincible, diamonds are known to be the hardest and most

resilient gems on earth.  They come in a wide variety of colors including black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow.  However, the clear, colorless diamond

is the most highly revered and renowned stone employed when recognizing

April-born babies. 


As an Aries (the zodiac sign for the month), you are considered to be an innocent person that shows a great amount of affection towards those you hold near and dear.  You are very strong-willed, yet kind and caring.  Your diamond birthstone is in theory presumed to be a direct reflection of these fervent, yet delicate character attributes.


For the fortunate individuals born in April, your diamond birthstone signifies love,

clarity, strength, and everlasting affection.  No wonder it’s a staple gemstone in engagement rings and wedding jewelry.    It is believed to bring good luck, protecting

its wearing from any type of misfortune.  During the middle ages, diamonds were thought to hold healing powers as well.  By heating the crystal and taking it to bed, it was believed that the stone had the power to draw out harmful toxins from the body, curing ailments of all kinds.  To this day many remain steadfast in this belief, regardless of whether it is their birthstone, or not.  Today’s diamond is also acknowledged for having an effect on an individual’s balance and clarity, and offers boosts of energy

when coupled with other gemstones.  It is also traditionally associated with mystery, romance, power and magic.


The April diamond birthstone has garnered the hearts of people worldwide, and since medieval times has remained the most coveted crystal to date.  It is the most famed

and fabled of all gemstones, famous for its sparkling fire attributes, durability, and rarity.  Deemed the King of all birthstones, the diamond is unequivocally the most prized and sought-after of all gems, making it the ideal choice for April birthday gifts.  No gemstone contains as much allure and interest as does the diamond!!

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