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Enjoy a Sophisticated Lifestyle with Unique Luxury Watches

Enjoy a Sophisticated Lifestyle with Unique Luxury Watches


Modern people are looking for more than a name to follow. Instead, connection and  unique performance are some of the most decisive aspects we consider before adding a new luxurious watch to our growing collection.
That’s why our editors have decided to bring you influential luxury watch designers that have evolved so much they can completely transport us. You’ll be delighted in every new piece you try on (whether you’re a watch aficionado or not).
We want you to have high-end timepieces that make you proud, so here are legendary watches to take your breath away with a blend of features and designs you can’t find anywhere else.


High-performance luxury watch designers

Cartier watch


A perfect combination of inherited excellence and aesthetic splendor, Cartier’s watches are filled with creativity and luxuriousness through clean curves and precise forms—consistent in every Cartier creation.
Cartier integrates ultra-stylish movements into increasingly sophisticated cases, creating true watchmaking classics which encapsulate heritage and new concepts.
A Cartier dial is continually emphasized and complemented by intrinsic straps, creating fluid movements that never put class aside.

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IWC watch


A modern definition of enhanced timepieces, IWC has been a little bit of an obsession for watchmakers with premier wristwatches that are tested and certified to meet the most detailed standards.
If your heart beats faster for watches that can be relied upon for precision and are brimming with style and quality every year, IWC won’t disappoint.
IWC has changed the world of watchmaking with a legacy of high performance, adventurous designs, and impressive power reserves. Choose yours!

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Gucci watch


Gucci has become one of the leading manufacturers of luxury goods in the world. The same is valid for the designer’s iconic fashion watch segment.
Gucci implements the complete timepiece production, and the result is upscale luxury features with an Italian DNA and Swiss movements which never let go of their elegance and sophistication.
Wearing a Gucci is to wear its culture and context with designs that impress with intricate straps and bracelets for even more fluid movements. Gucci offers timepieces lavishly decorated with white, yellow, and rose gold.
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Chanel watch


The magic of the name Chanel continues to inspire our hearts and puts the designer’s iconic watches among the most famous in the world.
Made from beginning to end in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the heart of Swiss watchmaking, Chanel’s timepieces triumph with elaborate configurations which are awe-inspiring with artistic personality.
Chanel’s legendary style is transferred to its watches, with collections that broadcast individuality and are emphasized by the elegance in every meticulous curve. Channel’s watches are perfect for men and women and come in nearly one hundred different options.
Every ingenious watch from Chanel stands apart with tourbillons, high-precision chronographs, scratch-resistant sapphire glasses, and luxury options generously encrusted with diamonds.
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Tudor watch


Here’s something to make you proud: a beautiful Tudor. Exude confidence and elevate your style wearing a designer brand that speaks for itself with watches designed to be the focal point of any look.
Each new Tudor collection is more impressive than the last, with quality and reliability, from its edgy aesthetics to its very comprehensive chronographs.
Tudor reflects the codes in the classic watches of the 50s and 70s, combining expertise with a retro-chic fit that is perfect for any occasion. If you’re a lover of motorsports or diving, you’ll find impressive mechanical complications in a Tudor watch.

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Luxury watches in the Chicago Area

C.D. Peacock is your source in the Chicago area for luxurious timepieces you’ll wear proudly. We help you select a watch which meets all your needs and helps you enhance your image.  

We offer world-famous designers such as Omega, Rolex, Cartier, Longines, TAG Heuer, Mont Blanc, and much more! Join hundreds of customers who’ve been surprised by what a sophisticated timepiece can do. 
Visit us for incredibly reliable timepieces and uplift your entire jewelry collection with wristwatches that are a great financial investment but also an investment in your style.  Explore the possibilities with us.  

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