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All Things Necklaces

All Things Necklaces

These pieces of jewelry have been popular for both men and women for centuries. They were once meant to represent religion, affiliation, and belonging. Over time, however, their meanings have moved away from political means and more towards fashion purposes. Necklaces don’t just make someone more beautiful!  
Because they are worn around the neck, they’re as inviting as they are sensual.  Who doesn’t think of a man putting a necklace around a woman’s neck? Not only that, but what better way to compliment cleavage than by wearing a beautiful necklace?

First, decide on the type of necklace you want

Unlike other pieces of jewelry  that usually have set standard sizes, such as rings and bracelets, necklaces sizes vary vastly. And they do so in a way that actually changes their overall meaning for fashion purposes. That makes size and length, key factors to consider finding the right necklace.

For instance, smaller necklaces that fit tighter by the neck are bolder - and hence sexier as they’re worn by women who know what they want and choose to be daring and fearless. Medium size necklaces are the average, pleasing all tastes, having the ability to be mixed and matched with different pendants. And longer necklaces carry a bohemian laid back charm of their own.

Choose the right necklace metal type

Gold Yellow Necklace

Gold Necklaces

Nothing compares to the durability, quality and reputation that gold carries with it. A gold necklace comes with the added benefit that you can choose among yellow gold, white gold, pink gold and rose gold. Speak to one of our experts to decide which one will be the best fit for you. 
Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver, Silver or Platinum Necklaces

If gold is not for you, no worries! There’s plenty of other beautiful metals with healing properties that will not only make you look just as enchanting as gold, but that will also work to balance your vital energies. Not to mention that these options are extremely durable and look especially good on neutral and fairer undertones. 
Now, we need to decide what style of necklace you want to get.

Main necklace styles

Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Necklaces

These gems have the power to make all colors around them just pop to life, adding a unique breath of fresh air to any look. For irresistible results, match them with your eye color and hair along with your clothes and accessories. You’ll see how rewarding it is to wear gemstones.
Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces

Pearls are precious stones and everything about them makes them exclusive, unique and special. These gems may be the most feminine and delicate item a woman can choose to wear. No matter the occasion, if you want to look classy, then you can’t go wrong with pearls.
Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklaces

If you only got one shot to purchase the perfect necklace for you, opt for a diamond necklace. It’ll make you look like a billion bucks and it’ll last forever. After all, it is a diamond. No wonder they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend! No gem can make you sparkle like a diamond can.
Religious Necklaces

Religious necklaces

This kind of necklace is a piece of jewelry, a symbol of a specific faith in an extremely intimate way. It works as tokens of protection for those who wear it. So, if you know someone’s religion, religious necklaces make the ideal type of gift among people of faith.

Find the best selections of necklaces in Chicago, IL

After reading this guide, you’re all set to find the ideal necklace for you. We invite you to visit C.D. Peacock for a complimentary talk with one of our experts. We're proud to have been serving the Chicago community since 1837, offering high-end and exquisite jewelry to our customers. 

Come visit us at one of our three locations in Chicago, or browse our website through the links above. If you would rather choose by designer, we offer an extensive selection of necklaces from top luxury designers such as Vanity Fair, Gucci, Chanel, Mikimoto, Hearts on Fire, Roberto Coin, CD Peacock, Memoire, and Rosato Italia.  

Come bask in this rich array of options! We guarantee, the hardest part will be to decide among the many creme de la creme that we carry. Feel free to connect with us by following us on
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