Our Favorite Wedding Bands To Wow Your Wedding Guests On The Big Day!
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Our Favorite Wedding Bands To Wow Your Wedding Guests On The Big Day!


Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, and it’s special for the two of you, friends, and family. So, it’s only natural that you look forward to having your vows exchanged with lots of romance when you think about your wedding bands.
But let’s not forget your wedding bands will accompany you for the rest of your life, so they need to look gorgeous on the big day, but also represent who you are, your feelings for each other, and provide you with the perfect fit!


If you don’t know where to start, let’s navigate the world of wedding bands together.
We’ve prepared an easy guide covering every detail about wedding bands for you.
Wedding bands pair


The meaning of wedding bands

Wedding bands represent eternal love, commitment, and the endless intimacy of life together.
Wedding bands are at least 20,000 years old, and they’ve come a long way from simple malleable metal designs.
Today, we have a fresh wave of wedding band designs for real life and real people, which means they should complement your closet, be eye-catching, and fit your lifestyle.

Wedding bands match

Do our wedding bands have to match?

Gone are the days when wedding bands were flat bands devoid of adornments. Some wedding rings come sparkling with precious accented stones, others impress by the richness of their finishes and textures, and yet others are curved or layered with metalwork and intricate inlays.

So, it only makes sense that, with so many designs available, your wedding bands look as unique as the two of you. If matching bands are important to you, you can pick the same metal color, or bands of similar widths, for example.
Our tip here is to keep an open mind. There are endless wedding band designs that range from classic to ultra-contemporary, so chances are each of you will identify with a different style, and that’s okay.

Popular wedding bands for women

Eternity wedding bands


Also known as diamond wedding bands, eternity bands feature diamond inserts around the whole band.
Brides love this wedding band style because it sparkles elegantly from all angles, and it can enhance the diamond on your engagement ring.
If you want something extra comfy, choose half-eternity bands. They only showcase diamond inserts on top of the band, adjusting very well to your finger while shining just as bright as full eternity rings.

Custom design jewelry


Pavé wedding bands offer quite the effect with multiple rows of micro diamonds. This style showcases diamonds set so closely that they give the impression of a continuous line of diamonds.
This wedding band style is extra charming. Pavé wedding bands may be the beautiful ring you seek if you enjoy radiant jewelry and elegant designs.

Curved Wedding Bands


If you want a wedding band to bring out the best aspects of your engagement ring, resembling a wedding set, you’ll love how gorgeous and coherent the final result will look with a curved wedding band.

Curved bands help hold your engagement ring very securely on your finger while offering extra brilliance and beauty. A curved wedding band rarely goes unnoticed.

Custom design jewelry


If you love something outside the box, fancy wedding bands come in the most imaginative designs—from wide bands to twisted patterns and bands carved on the inside.
Add new accessories to your growing collection and never worry if they look ok next to your wedding band—fancy bands are unique and exclusive, and match a multitude of accessories.

Popular wedding bands for women

Hammered wedding bands


Men’s wedding bands are all about texture. The finish is one of the aspects which best defines a wedding band a man feels confident wearing. Wedding bands featuring hammered finishes give an edge to your looks. If you enjoy accessories with lots of personality, explore this style.

Custom design jewelry


This finish is neutral, but it is nothing like classic simple wedding bands for men. Instead, the contrast between glossy and brushed textures adds more style and a modern touch to this wedding band. This style catches eyes everywhere.

Sleek wedding bands


This style resembles classic wedding bands, it’s true, but modern bands aren’t what they used to be. Now you can indulge in the details such as curved or domed edges and the extra polished air. Enjoy the best of both worlds with a wedding band featuring a sleek finish.

Wedding bands in the Chicago Metropolitan Area

We’re sure our guide has helped you narrow down your wedding band search. Now it’s time to enjoy C.D. Peacock’s expertise and vast selection. Here, you’ll discover wedding band designers from all over the world.

Visit our store closest to you to find the perfect wedding band to represent your love story! C.D. Peacock’s professionals are committed and eager to help you find wedding bands to make the big day even sweeter and always bring you joy! 

Whether you’re looking for men’s wedding bands or women’s wedding bands, we showcase styles for all tastes. You can definitely find a wedding band you’ll love wearing every day!

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