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Montblanc Great Characters Walt Disney Special Edition Rollerball - MB119835

SKU MB119835

The name Walt Disney is forever bound with the art of film animation and American movie history. An empire of unimaginable proportions grew out of his initial idea to perfect the technique of making cartoons. Born in 1901 in Chicago, Walter Elias Disney became one of the most influential and most revered film producers of his time, thanks to his pioneering spirit and unique ability. The overall shape of the writing instrument is inspired by the legendary Monorail system, while colors are a reference to the original poster from “Steamboat Willy” (1920) which depicts Mickey Mouse. The cap and barrel in matte black precious resin feature several hidden Mickeys and the signature of Walt Disney can be found on the cap top. A major significance in Disney's early career is celebrated with a set of coordinates engraved on the cone. They give the position of the garage belonging to Walt Disney's uncle, where Walt Disney and his brother constructed a camera stand.

Dimension : 5.70 x 0.65 inches

Physical Weight : 65.53 g

Writing System : Rollerball

Nib : Handcrafted Au 585 / 14 K gold nib rhodium-coated with special nib design

  • Barrel: Black precious resin with 3D Mickey Mouse head
  • Brands: Montblanc
  • Cap: Black precious resin
  • Category: Writing Instruments
  • Clip: Platinum-coated
  • Collection: Writing Instruments
  • Color: Black

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