Henri Daussi

Henri Daussi Chicago – Henri Daussi Loots was born in 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp, located in the heart of Europe has been at the center of the world’s diamond trade for over five centuries and continues to be known today as the diamond capital of the world. Diamonds and creating the finest jewelry has forever been a Loots family tradition.
Henri was taught the art of diamond cutting by his father Jozef Loots who inherited the skills from his father. How to place different facets onto a rough diamond, turning it into a beautiful brilliant gem, and ultimately designing and creating a one of a kind jewel that will present the diamond at its utmost potential beauty.
Henri went on to become a respected diamond cutter and build an international reputation. Specializing in large and valuable diamonds, Henri was commissioned to study and cut diamonds for many of the world’s most acclaimed jewelry brands. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. You can only cut a diamond by using other diamonds. In the past, no one had ever managed to cut into a diamond, only being able to place facets onto a diamond.
Henri Daussi Chicago

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