Furrer Jacot

Furrer Jacot Chicago – Furrer Jacot, manufacturer of Swiss wedding bands, made for a lifetime with the claim of individuality, authenticity, creativity and exclusivity, Furrer Jacot has become a leader in creating diamond rings, carbon fibre rings, wedding bands and engagement rings industry, creating unique and individual wedding bonds of love. We recommend registering your carbon or wedding ring after purchase. You will receive access to complimentary verifying and polishing services for your favorite piece of jewelry.
Furrer Jacot rings bear the label of the highest quality for rings and offer a lifetime warranty. Trust our complete manufacturing process of the wedding ring designers, turners, goldsmiths, gem-setters, polishers and engravers as well as our knowledge that is based on the experience of several generations.
These advantages make Furrer Jacot one of the leading providers of wedding rings, gold rings, platinum rings and rings :
• 100% premium Swiss quality
• Wide range of jewelry: diamond rings, gold rings, carbon rings and wedding bands made of platinum
• Vast range of customization options of the handcrafted rings
Furrer Jacot Chicago

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