Need More Style In Your Life? These IWC Watch Collections Are For You

Need More Style In Your Life? These IWC Watch Collections Are For You

With a blend of excellence, functionality, and elaborate designs, IWC is about to take your breath away

IWC has been changing the world of watchmaking since 1868. Its legacy has allowed watch lovers to experience incredible performance, precision, and beauty. If you have a very active life and love to add a bit of luxury to your looks, an IWC watch will be the easiest accessory to put on and freshen up your closet.
Minute repeaters, perpetual calendars, tourbillons, power reserve indicators, split chronographs, and a commitment to classic design and perfect proportions are the hallmark wonders of IWC. So, let’s explore the designer’s groundbreaking lines and what’s special about them.


What does IWC stand for
IWC stands for International Watch Company, and it was founded in Switzerland by F.F. Jones in 1868, motivated by the dream of producing high-quality watches for the American market.
One hundred and fifty years later, IWC continues to be a reference for maximum reliability, crafting watches for pilots, sailors, divers, and yachters, not to mention well-suited pieces for evenings, business, and vacations.



The Aquatimer line is designed for divers and water sports enthusiasts. The meticulous approach and attention to detail can be seen in the smallest components that transform Aquatimer’s several hundred individual parts into a whole—an impeccable example of functional art.
The first Aquatimer was introduced in the 60s, and the current models combine traditional designs with modern elements such as ultra-precise mechanisms and their own in-house calibers. The Aquatimer collection offers ingenious watches, ideal for those looking for a precise, water-resistant watch which is also immune to electromagnetic fields.



Da Vinci


The Da Vinci line has been around since 1969. Constant style changes keep it fresh and interesting with new shapes and updates, while maintaining the features which make Da Vinci pieces easily recognizable (like the moon phase display and the Flower of Life silhouette often found in Da Vinci’s drawings).
This line embodies the tireless pursuit of improvement and perfect proportions, with models featuring meticulous mechanical complications with options for men and women. The latest versions include chronographs and perpetual calendars.





The Ingenieur is one of IWC’s finest. The design includes anti-magnetic protection with a soft iron inner screen. This line gained popularity in the 70s, and it’s gotten intriguing upgrades to make it even more slender since then.
A round bezel porthole and integrated bracelet are hallmarks of most Ingenieur models, which are hand-assembled with evident craftsmanship that has only contributed to the excellent reputation of IWC Schaffhausen.



Pilot’s Watches

As you can guess, this line offers unique aviator watches suitable for adverse conditions, featuring dark dials and easy-to-access buttons for quick settings. The Pilot’s watches make one of the most important campaigns for IWC, with watches professionals can truly rely on.
The Pilot’s watches have been in the lead of professional watches for more than 80 years and include world-famous subseries such as the Top Gun, Classic, and Spitfire.  
When it comes to the comfort and trust of its pilots, IWC leaves nothing to chance with glow-in-the-dark numerals, a large case, and an aircraft-dashboard-inspired design that draws even those whose life hasn’t drifted toward aviation.





The Portofino series evokes the feeling of warm seas, the Riviera, and yachts. With a setting such as this, it’s clear the message from IWC is one of timeless elegance, regardless of time or era.
If you’re looking for dress watches which exude grace and elegance, Portofino won’t disappoint with exclusive models for sophisticated occasions—it will be like wearing a tuxedo on your wrist! Choose a watch to convey impeccable taste perfectly, whether you prefer models accented with diamonds or featuring alligator leather.





The Portugieser series showcases 75-year-old masterpieces with mechanical watchmaking of impressive grandeur. Crafted with sailors in mind, the Portugieser models impress with accuracy and reliability.
If you enjoy watches with the power to transport you back in time, the Portugieser series honors traditions and remains faithful to its fans by maintaining the original concept and not bending to passing trends. 

But don’t be mistaken, the series might retain its roots, but it hasn’t stopped it from receiving chronographs, perpetual calendars, a tourbillon, and a minute repeater.


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