Get The Gucci Look: Gucci Jewelry & Watches Power Through 100 Years
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Get The Gucci Look: Gucci Jewelry & Watches Power Through 100 Years

Gucci Jewelry has reimagined design, completely transforming its look. The iconic double G monogram we love so much has always been a symbol of world excellence, certifying a level of quality and luxury that is difficult to find anywhere else. 
We recognize Gucci not only by the allure goods made in Italy hold, but because we know it as a company that goes against generally accepted standards and doesn’t hold itself back in the creative process. So, let’s explore what makes Gucci a must-have designer.


Where Gucci originated

Even after celebrating 100 years this past March, Gucci continues to surprise us with fresh jewelry lines
and timepiece lines brimming with innovation, modernity, and eclecticism. Here’s a rundown of Gucci’s hallmarks. 

The Italian Guccio Gucci opened his business in Florence.

Gucci opened his first boutique in Rome, presenting the full range of his elite products such as bags, valises, and well-known jockey attires  made of genuine leather. 

The quality and strength of the Italian luxury designer was established  internationally with Gucci’s famous Manhattan boutique.

Gucci bloomed with yet new products such as timepieces and sunglasses. And the stars of that time, like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, made iconic entrances sporting the designer’s pieces.

After the passing of Guccio Gucci in 1993, his son, Rodolpho Gucci, assumed the command of the company, bringing one of Gucci’s most renowned designers into the game: Tom Ford. The latter helped take Gucci to whole new levels.

After a meticulous rebranding process, Alessandro Michele joins Gucci as the new creative director, guiding Gucci on yet another journey that’s completing six years now.

Breaking with tradition again, Gucci launches the Gucci Fest, stepping away from fashion weeks and unveiling its new collections through film.

Gucci promoted a series of events in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities to celebrate its 100th anniversary. And the best part was that Gucci officially debuted high-end timepieces with new lines such as G-Timeless and Grip (which we’ll talk about a bit later in this article).
Gucci Silver Jewelry

Gucci Silver Jewelry

After becoming a worldly reference for silk scarves, ties, and handbags, it only makes sense Gucci has something as new and extraordinary when it comes to silver—which has been gladly worn by the brightest stars and influencers of our time.
Gucci silver jewelry has become an example of good taste, luxury, exclusive design thought out to the smallest details, and reliability based on tradition and legacy of jewelry making. Do we need to say more?
You can find silver jewelry that combines the brand’s intertwined logo with delicate floral patterns, vintage Gucci jewelry, and pieces that reflect Gucci’s love for ultra-influential concepts and ancient imprints.


Gucci Fine Jewelry

Gucci Fine Jewelry

Gucci creates using the most expensive materials and crafts modern designs which stand out with the luxury typical of its Italian roots. Gucci’s finest jewelry lines can never be called “unremarkable” for sure.
Gucci diversifies enough to take care of your entire jewelry box with pieces you’ve never seen shining so brightly, from stud earrings to women’s bracelets and gold necklaces.
Classic and ultra-modern, Gucci’s designs benefit from the inspiration of its long history of creative minds. This is jewelry which manages to be appropriate during the day—with a business suit or a pencil skirt—and doesn’t lose its femininity and elegance in the evening, complementing relaxed cocktail-hour looks.


Gucci Watches

Gucci Watches

Gucci moved its watch production to the city of Lengnau, southwestern Switzerland, in 1997. And today, there are nearly twenty annual collections to choose from—all improved and sophisticated enough to be seen as works of art, where the company’s timeless symbols are seamlessly incorporated into the watch designs.
One of the designer’s trendiest lines, Grip, boasts of a square case with round corners which is surprisingly reminiscent of the futuristic models with discrete crystal displays of the 70s.
G-Timeless offers authentic bracelets that form a single and continuous design with the watch cases, showcasing the perfect blend of functionality and unusual designs. Gucci isn’t only meant to tell the exact time, but also become a luxurious adornment you’ll be very proud to wear.


Official Gucci Jeweler in Chicago

C.D. Peacock offers a wide selection of Gucci jewelry and watches, inspired by the centenary tradition of watchmaking and a blend of classic and contemporary elements—which make Gucci such a special designer to our customers. 
Whether you’re looking for a Gucci watch or jewelry piece, you’re welcome to explore the lines in our showcase, including Gucci Timeless, Gucci Grip, Gucci Diamantissima, and the most iconic jewelry lines, such as Dionysus, Lionhead, Flora, and GG Running.
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