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Custom Jewelry Design

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Create one of a kind jewelry

C.D.Peacock designs and makes handcrafted custom jewelry, and often incorporates repurposed gemstones and diamonds. Our talented in-house designers specialize in working on custom wedding jewelry upgrades. C.D.Peacock’s Chicago custom jewelry designers can transform a simple design into a showstopper, or a flashy one into flawlessly understated.

Make your proposal entirely your own with a custom engagement ring from C.D.Peacock.

About the process

It begins with a meeting between the customer and one of C.D.Peacock’s custom jewelry designers. Our experienced designer will take the time to understand the customer’s ideas and see their vision of what the jewelry piece will look like when completed. C.D.Peacock’s designer will take the time to review the choices available to discover that dream piece of jewelry. The customer is then presented with an estimate for completing the project.

We specialize in custom engagement rings while providing the perfect diamond to accompany the setting. If you are interested in the best of Chicago custom jewelry, you can schedule a custom engagement ring appointment here and just make sure to mention custom jewelry in the comments. If there’s a ring in your family that means a lot to you, but its current owner is still wearing it, you can use it as an inspiration for your own custom engagement ring.

Here’s an example of an engagement ring from rendering to completion.

Custom Jewelry

C.D.Peacock’s Chicago custom jewelry designs are not just bridal. We make jewelry for all occasions. Our most common requests are rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, & pins. Schedule an appointment today to discuss what you would like created or updated.

A custom design is the best way to ensure you get the ring you have always dreamed of!

We have been in business for over 180 years in the Chicago, Illinois area, and look to continue building loyal relationships with each of our customers.

Here are some of our custom designs

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