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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Flowers are beautiful and chocolate is tasty, but the best gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day is time – in the form of a great watch. A watch says that you care enough to really think about that special someone, about their likes and their lifestyle. Plus, every time they glance at the watch on their wrist, they will think of you. It is truly the perfect gift. Not sure where to start? We can help with a few tips and hints on what to look for when selecting a watch for your Valentine.

Think Red

Just like the red hearts we see all around on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of watches with red dials or red dial accents or straps. The watch doesn’t have to have a heart on it to say: “I love you.” While it is ok to give a watch with a heart motif on the dial, it’s ok to just go with the color palette of love. Red-dial watches are all the rage right now and come in hues that range from orange-red to fire-engine red, burgundy, dark crimson and everything in between. Another option is to pick a watch that has a red strap on it – even better if the strap is one the wearer can change at will without needing tools. Lastly, don’t forget that you can take some creative license. Pink dials and pink straps and maybe even lavender or purple also work wonders.

Think Lifestyle

Don’t make this a difficult or daunting purchase. All you really need to do is think about the lifestyle of the person you are buying for. Since watches make a personal statement, you want to reflect their likes and style. Is the person an avid walker or bike rider? If so, consider a watch that has added features like a tachymeter to measure speed or distance. Swimmers and divers might enjoy a watch that is water resistant to depths deep enough to dive with. Link to water resistance article. A sports coach might want a watch with a built-in chronograph to time laps or races. Link to chronograph article Maybe the person you are buying for likes things that are different, in which case you can buy a square, rectangular or other shaped watch instead of round. Conversely, if your loved one loves classical looks, there are plenty of iconic watches to set the heart a flutter. The choices abound.

Think About Your Wallet

Maybe the only time you need to consider yourself as well as your loved one is when it comes to the wallet. It is best if you have a budget in mind before you come into the store and if you know how far you are willing to stray from that budget for the perfect watch. Watches range in price from affordable to astronomical depending on the materials used, the gemstones or diamonds used, and the complexity of the movement that powers them. Naturally, the most affordable watches will be made of stainless steel, be free of precious stones, and most likely house a quartz movement or a self-winding mechanical caliber.

We are experts at helping you find the right watch that works for your budget and we may even have a few ideas you haven’t thought of -- vintage or pre-owned, for instance, or light-weight high-tech ceramic or carbon fiber. Stop in any time and we will be happy to help you find that perfect gift of time for your Valentine.

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